French invasion to Algeria June 14, 1830

The city and the territory of Algeria in the 19th century was theoretically under the suzerainty of the Sultan of Istanbul for three centuries under the name "Regency of Algiers." The territory has about three million inhabitants (36 million against France for the same period). Hussein Dey & the French Consule

In 1798, the French government buys wheat from Algiers. Wheat is financed by a loan from a Jewish families in Algiers. These require a guarantee of Dey governing the city.

In 1827 the French consul in Algiers has an audience with the dey, the Turkish governor of the province. The subject under discussion is the bill for a consignment of wheat, payment for which is now overdue by some thirty years. An invoice was first submitted to the French government by two Algerian citizens in the 1790s. The dey threatens to withdraw certain French concessions in Algeria. The consul becomes heated in response, whereupon the dey flicks him with his fly whisk.

Charles X, the French king, takes this as an insult to French national pride and orders a naval blockade of the Algerian coast. When this has little effect, a military expedition is prepared.

On June 14, 1830, French troops landed on the beach of Sidi Fredj, 25 km from Algiers. for a small punitive expedition designed to restore the prestige of the government.


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  1. “for a small punitive expedition” is certainly not true
    The general de Bourmont that was on the head of the expedition says at this time : That is the 8th Crusade against the muslim territories.

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